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Creating a Soul-Aligned Life by Connecting together with Consciously Aware Individuals

About The Awakened Network:

The Awakened Network by the Creator Ashley Aliff of  theawakenedstate.net



The Awakened Network is a FREE Soul tribe space where all beautiful souls and kind friends can interconnect & Support one another in The Awakened State community.

Hi there, so excited you're here. I'm Ash,  a Spiritual mindset & Empowerment Coach. After experiencing a Kundalini Awakening, I have learned so much about the Mind-body connection & begin documenting my research on my site.  I am creating a movement of Practical Spirituality & Emotional Liberation through intentional living. I am passionate about showing you how to not just Heal on all levels through the mind-body connection, but radically learn how to Empower your Life.

I am creating this Awakened Network to bring together community, support & connection in our Spiritual Awakening Journey.


Connect. Share. Empower. Support others on their spiritual path.

Often many on their awakening journey feel lost and alone, let this be a space where you can lean on Like-minded individuals, Connect with others who are going through A Spiritual Kundalini Awakening or Share together on your own spiritual journey. 

In this space, we will be Connecting together on Topics such as:  

  • Kundalini Awakening, The process, symptoms & Awakening Beginners
  • Manifestation & Law of Attraction
  • Mindset Talk & Personal development.
  • Energy Work, Shadow Work & Healing 
  • Celestial Energies & Astrology
  • Practical Spirituality, Bringing Spiritual Principles into everyday life
  • Spiritual Business 
  • Real -life: Health & Wellness, Love & relationships, Daily Spiritual Practice, Book favorites, mindfulness, & meditation 
  • Symbolism: Animal totems, numerology, dream interpretation, 
  • Free challenges hosted in the group or recommended as a gift from The Awakened State 

This community is private & is host approved access. It will thrive on your contribution to our network, sharing this network with friends who you will know will benefit or simply connecting with others by sharing your own posts/statuses just like a mini social media network.  

Let this be a place to share your experiences & Questions, help each other, share your gifts, Divine Support, give guidance and so you may realize you are never alone on your path.

Also before you go to join, make sure you download the app where you will have easy access to the community straight from your phone right down below. How cool is that?

Let's Create a Soul - Aligned Life 

And Remember,

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